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Julie Kagan

Julie Kagan - Performer (Guitar, Voice)
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Performer (Guitar, Voice)
Represented by:Test Agency EPAM
I was born with a deep love and respect for music.

My father taught himself how to play jazz piano in a country where it was not necessarily socially acceptable for many years; I was thus brought up listening to Gershwin and Jobim. And even though I was trained as a classical pianist from a very young age, I always loved to indulge in the sounds of jazz. Unfortunately though, my piano studies were cut short as a result of a bad accident, but I have always tried to make the best with what I was given, so instead of continuing my piano studies, I learned how to play the guitar and started to sing.

Life has always given me opportunities and has allowed me to become friends with some of the most prominent artists and musicians, thus giving me a true appreciation for their talents and struggles. Music has transcended into a form of expression for me as well, and it is a form of expression that I hope to continue in years to come.

As for other things that I do, for the past ten years I have developed various computer technology systems and next year I hope to finish graduate school with an MBA degree from Columbia University.

And so Perfomania has become my dream: to apply the best in technology to the urging needs of artists and contemporary music. And I hope that you feel, like I do, that this is the perfect time to build this community.

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